We’ve been friends for 6 years and all you get is this stupid poem.

will write for hot soup for spare change
for bread from scratch for pounds & pennance
sense silence shelter singles lettuce & tickets
six times three bucks twenty minutes a day
for the rest of my ever lovin’ life
will write mountain tops
will dress nice
will call during dinner just to talk
will carry your smile with me
will write for you
will write poems for you &
more poems for you because
we’re all here
will test time
will get on your nerves
will test patience
will hug you back
will hug you back  x7
will tell you how proud
i am of everything you’ve done
will probably fall asleep
before the party’s over
will write you a sunset
to make up for it
will watch bad movies
will mix bad drinks
will take bad pictures
will make you laugh
will watch you grow
will watch you succeed
will watch you plant love
into every innocent life
you touch
will cry but never admit it
will thank God every night
that you’re around
will cover it up with a smug grin
will step back & let you show
us all how it’s done


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