“I am a collection of dismantled almosts.”

i am going to write you the best poem ever.
i am going to give you everything i can —

sprinkles of praise, a shoulder to lean on,
a cup of hot chocolate & a genuine smile.

i am going to put down the pen
i so often hide behind &

give you a chance to know me:

sometimes i am a faucet, flooding
a room with words & sometimes

i am a faucet, rusted shut &
you have to fight for a single drop of emotion.

tonight, i am like a house with no door; everything
i feel walks right out into the yard.

the world is trapped in my fingertips &
i’m eager to set it loose.

i have the universe in my head &
i want to live life in my bare feet.

i want to puddle jump, grape stomp
& tightrope walk through life.

& sometimes i don’t know what i’ve written
until i turn the light on in the morning:

together we find nothing less than infinite or
a half eaten bag of twizzlers;

there is no in between & one day
i hope we wake up to find the sea

along with every lost message in a bottle
buried there.

Poem 30 of 30


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