Don’t hold out on me.

feel this: the motion of a hand & another hand in a car:
riding the air like waves: interwoven with a hand that
is not yours

translation: the person you left behind is no longer here:
i am unconcerned: sometimes the world comes closer
& i memorize pieces of it

like: the way sunlight reflects off a lake: or the way you
smile with only the left side of your mouth sometimes:
or the way a freshly peeled orange smells

& confession: sometimes when i’m alone, i like
to play with words: recite them over & over:
you can’t tell me you don’t love the way

cinnamon tastes on your tongue: or the feel of
effervescent on your lips: what about

cascade – resonant – rhapsodic – coalesce -zenith

i am always searching for the perfect words
to describe the people in my life: i do not know
if they exist & you should know

the sky is not the true opposite of the ground:
you pick things up & you put them back down

& all i would like to hear at the moment is:
the sound of someone making a wine glass

look: when i write a poem with your name in it:
i’m not trying to make you feel self-conscious,
i’m trying to make you feel

everything you refuse to acknowledge the first
time you got the chance to feel it. true story.

you should hug me for it: or at least try &
one day, if you’re lucky,
i might let you

Poem 28 of 30


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