“Don’t you know who I think I am?”

i just want to drink dr.pepper & fall in love
with other poets on the internet. don’t judge me.

you know you want to do it too.
you know you would do it too if you had skills like these.

if you could scribble lightning
where would you strike first?

i like to go straight for the heart &
since lightning never strikes

the same place twice, i aim
for the knees next & you never

know what hits you —

i live your naked fictions inside my head,
clothe them with my words & breathe

them into life; *puff*
you love it

the taste, the smell, the way
the words i type drip off your tongue like salt water

like the best snack you ever ate
my hand on the plate

we may need oven mitts for this —

if you look too long
it will crumble

like a sandcastle & i don’t know
if my heart can take it when i know

every corner of my heart loves you
& every corner of your heart loves me back


Day 13 of 30


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