When you get to the bottom of it, robotics are all about us

  1. The moon is a hole in my sock on the hardwood floor.
  2. Heartache breaks the pace of sleep but lingers
    like a sneeze does.
  3. You’re gonna be super bummed when you find out
    most of my inside parts are robot parts.
  4. I left a message on your answering machine
    about the Ferris Wheel. It’s still turning.
  5. On Thursday’s I sip bourbon so I don’t get rusty.
  6. On Thursday’s you pretend not to hear your phone ring.
  7. Some poems have reformed humanity,
    this one probably won’t.
  8. My gear-cog heart is full of more imagination than your whole body; your heart is full of my imagination too.
  9. You secretly love the way I get inside your head,
    spinning colors into songs you never would have played without me.
  10. All poets are full of themselves. Including me. Or
    not including me. Or just me & none of the rest. Except you.
  11. We’re more alike than either of us are willing to admit.
  12. For example, my new favorite colors are as follows: Mardi Gras Purple,
    Sea Green and Candy Cane Red.
  13. It can be truly difficult to tell the difference between
    a robot & the very best of humans.


Day 1 of 30


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